Vale das Lobas

Vale das Lobas is a rural regeneration project in Fornos de Algodres, located in Portugal’s Beira Alta region. It is comprised of over 120 hectares reserved as a Biodiversity Zone, to include reforestation, water harvesting with lakes and ponds, regenerative agriculture and forest garden arboriculture. The sacred heart of Vale das Lobas is O Seminario, an ancient hill farm with lush terraces and forests, that will open as a Peace Park in 2017, providing respite and inspiration for all who seek to create peace within their lives and in the world.



Tony and Lizzie first discovered Sobral Pichorro in 2008. The region has been forgotten and abandoned, with very few foreign visitors, and yet it has charms too numerous to mention, not least of all being the pristine landscapes and subsistence farming traditions. They formed two Portuguese social enterprises: Barro Luso Lda, to manage the residential program, and Korashan Lda, to create and run O Seminario and the visitors facilities. The Camara Municipal de Fornos de Algodres pledged technical and political support in a partnership agreement in 2009.


The Vision and Mission

Vale das Lobas was created by Korashan, a non-profit association, as a beacon of inspiration, offering training and support in a range of topics, including natural medicine, building with natural materials, and multi-faith spirituality. Resident members can build an eco-dwelling on their land holding, create a micro-business, and participate in the Korashan Mission:

Reconciliation of Humanity and Nature. To revitalise earth and community and restore the natural balance; to create a culture of conscious living, that integrates ancestral wisdom with innovation; to support biodiversity, reforestation and the sustainable use of resources, moving beyond conservation; to be a seedbed for spiritual ecology, providing inspiration, education, healing and renewal.

 Korashan Association

Korashan Association was incorporated as a non-profit membership organisation in 2012. As people join Vale das Lobas as residents, supporters or volunteers, they become members of Korashan Association, and agree to abide by its codes of practice and support its vision and mission.


Residential Project

Barro Luso Lda

Farmers, ecologists, artisans, horticulturalists and others can become residents and buy an eco-dwelling within the Vale das Lobas Biodiversity Zones. The land holdings in Alagoas Valley provide a self-building option, whereas the eco-dwellings in The Artisan Village and the Dolmen area will be designed and built to the resident members specifications. These construction projects will be managed by our own ecological services company - Barro Luso Lda, and will be self-funding operations, providing fair trade employment and affordable housing.



Korashan Lda

O Seminario is a centre dedicated to Peace. The Peace Park will include the Medicine Gardens and Apothecary and 10 hectares of hill forest. The main building will house the Natural Medicine Centre, Interpretation Centre and spaces for multi-faith practices and courses in Spiritual Ecology. The amenities for visitors at the Riverside will include a Hotel and Camp Site, Water Mill Restaurant, Hobbit Village and Eco-Store. These amenities will be developed by our trading company - Korashan Lda, with grants and subsidies from EU, private donors, shareholders and foundations.


Vale Das Lobas is currently being constructed and we need your help to complete it.