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The arm of the sea

When we first arrived here in Sobral Pichorro in 2009, our neighbours got together to show us the water systems in the Seminário lands. We stood around the hexagonal tank – Antonio Rocha, Jose Da Cruz, Zezita and José, and they explained how the water mines...

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Turning of the Tide

Our work here over the last seven years is at a point of change. We are manifesting a dream and making a remedy to help restore balance on the Earth. We are one of countless projects, initiatives and centres; a network to catalyse the change in consciousness that is...

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Wind Song

It’s been a grey and rainy day here in Somerset…ALL day! I am missing the sun and warmth of Portugal but have kept busy today writing up more of the journal from six years ago….. Here’s your next installment… The book is coming together!...

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Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga Next installment…. February 2009 I am back at home, sitting at the kitchen table and studying the schedule for this spring. We are planning to do one of our experiential workshops that we call ‘Healers Journey’ at the beginning of April. Then I know...

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Building a geodesic dome from scratch

Building a geodesic dome from scratch   Trevor and myself (Jasmine) have in common an enthusiasm for domes. There are so many uses for them, at present we have a cosey chillout dome, which gets used in so many ways : social gatherings, dinner time with the work...

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Shaman’s Update

Greetings from sunny Alagoas. The magnificence of the Winter storms has at last yielded to the full glory of the Springtime and Shaman’s Retreat continues to reveal yet more magic as clouds of yellow pine pollen float by on the breeze. We even have bluebells by...

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