Vale das Lobas

Biodiversity, Health, Education

A rural regeneration project

In Portugal’s Beira Alta region

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The 17th century Capela de Girões has an ornately carved altar and a panelled ceiling with 35 icons of saints and angels. It holds a unique place in the history of sacred art and provides a vital link with the past.

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Bela Vista

18000m2 plot with permission for 300m2 dwelling



Dolmen Farm

83,000m2 with two existing buildings and permission for 250m2 dwelling


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Capela de Girões

The Capela de Girões was built as a private chapel for the Beltrão family in 17th century. There are 35 images of saints and angels that were painted on chestnut panels, with a Mozarab design framework. It represents a unique place in the history of sacred art, and... read more

About Vale das Lobas

  Climate instability is now a reality, and every bioregion is faced with its own unique challenges. In the Arctic North, the melting tundra is releasing vast plumes of methane; in temperate climates, flooding is becoming more regular, and in the south of Europe,... read more

Moon of the Long Night

  This is the final full moon before the winter solstice. In the northern hemisphere, the days are shortening, and the nights lengthening as we approach the 21st December. The full moon rises as the sun sets, and on 6th December, the moon rises at 17.29 and sets... read more

Planning Permission

Planning law is always complicated, wherever you are in the world. However, in Portugal, there are added layers. There are many government agencies who have a say in planning decision, and they are all separated, and don’t necessarily refer to one another. An... read more

Freehold Properties

During 2012, we made a detailed study of the legal structures available in Portugal. We saw our association as having the role of guiding the wider mission by managing the biodiversity reforestation areas, and also holding the residential plots on behalf of its... read more


Today we were delighted to receive a visit to the project from a group of around thirty elders from the local villages of Sobral Pichorro, Mata, Fuinhas and Vila Chá. They were marshalled by Maria José, Lydia, Armando and Erminio, who were sporting orange jackets. We... read more
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